About Us

About Us



SK Garage (formerly known as Seah Kwang Seng Motor Services) is an engine modification and maintenance workshop.
From our passion for car racing, we have since made it into part of our daily jobs with our professionalism. Having many years of experience in Honda cars, the SK Garage team has confidence in doing what others can’t.
Being the specialist in Honda and also Mercedes cars, our services include ECU tuning, port polish service, piston customisation, gear ration fabrication and other power enhancement services. We carry a range of performance parts that is suitable for different driving needs. With an extensive network of local and overseas distributors, car owners can also approach SK Garage to indent performance parts.


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Repair & Maintenance

Engine Repair / Overhaul

ECU Tuning

Accident Claims & Repair

Spray Painting / Bodyworks

Classic Car Rebuilt & Restoration

Chassis Set Up

Race Support

Race Preparation

Building of Race Car

Coaching for Car Racing