Racingline VWR21P002 Polo GTI 1.4TSI Front Exhaust System With High Flow Catalyst


VWR front system exhaust, high-flow catalyst and turbo-back downpipe to releasing higher power


A high-flow catalyst and turbo-back downpipe, key to releasing higher power.

We have developed an optimized exhaust system for the 1.4 TSI engine used in the Polo GTI 6R.

The VWR Exhausts are available as either a Rear System only, which replaces the standard back box of your car, or the Full System which replaces the complete standard exhaust from the manifold (or turbo) to the rear tailpipes, including replacement catalytic converter to replace the restrictive standard unit.

The Rear System and the Front System are available separately, meaning that the Front System can be added at a later date after the Rear System has been fitted if required.

For those seeking to get higher power outputs, the Front System will need to be fitted as well in our tests.

But it is for higher outputs that the Front System and high-flow catalyst really makes the difference. On all of the 1.4 TSI models, it is the restrictiveness of the catalyst that is the limit for performance tuning – by fitting the Front System in conjunction with the Rear System you will open up the opportunities for significant power increases.