Racingline VWR32S001 Streetsport Coilover Kit – Scirocco & Beetle 2.0T – Fixed



The VWR StreetSport Coilover suspension kit has been developed to suit the enthusiastic road driver who wants to make a significant upgrade to their suspension whilst retaining a good balance between both usability and performance.

The StreetSport kit is aimed at fast road use, and has been developed thoroughly to ensure that the comfort is not sacrificed – in fact, it is the beautiful, taut ride quality that most customers are most impressed by when they try the StreetSport Kit. This is certainly not a track set-up suspension.

As a premium product, all the VWR Coilover family are all of a monotube damper design. The main advantages of monotube dampers are that the pistons are much larger than those of twin-tube dampers, which are more normally the design that cheaper dampers follow. The larger monotube piston creates more flow through the valves than the smaller twin-tube piston as it can displace more oil through the valve; this makes the mono-tube damper more sensitive to small suspension movement.

Bringing together all of RacingLine motorsport suspension expertise gives a high quality, fast-road orientated spring and damper kit employing sophisticated valving inside the dampers for optimum wheel-control.

The shock absorber and spring are supplied assembled as a unit, allowing us to precisely match the damping to the specified spring rate.

Full adjustment of ride height, using a simple threaded spring perch on the threaded body of the damper whilst keeping the same spring length wherever you set it to preserve ride and wheel-travel.

Only the highest quality materials and construction are used, bringing together all of RacingLine experience in motorsport construction, materials and development.

Developed exclusively for Volkswagen Group cars – rather than a generic design that so many aftermarket coilover suspensions follow.

Our extensive development programme on these advanced dampers and matched spring rates on each version of each model gives the StreetSport kit a taught ride quality that’s just as good or even better than the standard car.

This Part Fits the Following Vehicles

  • Volkswagen Beetle GTI 1.8T Gen3
  • Volkswagen Beetle GTI 2.0T Gen3
  • Volkswagen Beetle GTI TDI